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Tv antenna installations.

Who knows what people used to do when only the first 5 channels existed? Welcome to the new age of tv antennas.kill the cable bill. Our experienced technicians are on hand to install your tv antenna.Contact us today on the form below to find out more.


Here at John's Install we’re experts at installing a range of tv antenna's. And converting your old dish into a antenna mast.Installation technicians will stay on site until the job is complete, ensuring that you will never require another technician call out.

Efficient services

We understand that when you’re waiting on the arrival of a installation technician it can often mean a day spent working from home. Our technicians arrive promptly and with all the relevant tools and experience to fit your antenna We have experience servicing a range of homes so don’t worry if you think your home installation service may be a bit too complicated for us – We’ve seen it all.


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